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ArlingtonPoliticsVoters still like in-person, but other options growing

Voters still like in-person, but other options growing

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A healthy majority of Arlington voters in the June 21 Democratic primary opted to cast ballots in person on the day of the event, although sizable minorities used other options, according to new data.

About 57 percent of the just over 25,000 voters who cast ballots in the primary did so on Election Day at polling precincts, according to data reported to Arlington Electoral Board members on July 14.

About 30 percent cast ballots by mail, and the remaining 13 percent cast ballots in advance at one of three early-voting sites.

While voting by means other than the traditional show-up-on-Election-Day still (and could possibly forever) constitute a minority of voters in Arlington, early voting is well up from pre-pandemic times.

Hitting a level of 43 percent “is unique,” county registrar Gretchen Reinemeyer said.

“That number continues to increase,” she said.

The primary featured a single contest, as U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-8th) easily turned back a challenge from Victoria Virasingh.

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