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FairfaxVienna police to put emphasis on stop-sign enforcement

Vienna police to put emphasis on stop-sign enforcement

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The Vienna Police Department is kicking off a traffic-safety campaign during which officers throughout June will enforce all traffic laws, specifically stop-sign violations.

Police are undertaking the initiative because of an increase in citizen complaints about stop-sign violations, plus officers’ own observations in the field, said Capt. Tom Taylor.

“We’ll keep track over everything we’re doing and still have ongoing enforcement,” he said. “Warnings will be given at the officers’ discretion.”

Officers will be out in force to ticket and remind drivers that upon reaching a stop sign or a solid or flashing red light, they must come to a complete stop before entering the crosswalk, intersection or stop line.


Under certain circumstances – such as if a motorist runs a stop sign and then strikes a pedestrian – police may cite the stop-sign violation as reckless driving, officials said.

Drivers receiving a ticket for a stop-sign or red-light violation will incur a fine and have three demerit points assessed to their driving record.

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