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Va. effort offers tax savings to drivers of electric, hybrid vehicles

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Beginning July 1, Virginians who own a fuel-efficient vehicle may be able to save money on their highway-use fee by enrolling in the state government’s new Mileage Choice Program.

The program is a voluntary option for drivers of electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles who pay the commonwealth’s highway use fee. The fee is assessed based on the number of miles the average Virginian drives in a year (11,600 miles).

Instead of paying the fee up-front at registration, customers who participate in the Mileage Choice Program will only pay for the actual number of miles they drive throughout the year.

Customers who drive less than 11,600 miles will save money. For those who drive more, they’ll never pay more than the highway use fee.


Customers can enroll in the Mileage Choice Program when it is time to renew their vehicle registration, and must sign up prior to renewing.

“By enrolling in the program, Virginians who drive less will pay less, and payment of their highway use fee will be spread throughout the year rather than paid in one lump sum annually,” said Linda Ford, acting director of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The General Assembly instituted the highway use fee in 2020 to ensure drivers of fuel-efficient and electric vehicles contribute toward covering wear and tear on the commonwealth’s highway system. (Drivers of gasoline-powered vehicles pay taxes for that purpose with every fill-up.)

The legislation also created the Mileage Choice Program as a mileage-based alternative that will never cost customers more than the annual highway use fee.

Enrollment will open in July through Emovis, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) contractor operating the Mileage Choice Program. Emovis will provide customers with a mileage-reporting device, compile reported mileage and process payments.

To learn more about the program, see the Website at dmvnow.com/VAMileageChoice.

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