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Monday, December 5, 2022

Washington Golf & Country Club

Washington Golf divers extend long title streak

What is more impressive: The Washington Golf & Country Club diving team’s long two-decade championship streak, or the squad’s increasingly wider margins of victories? Each has reached the “unbelievable” stage. Washington Golf recently won its 24th straight Country Club Swimming and...

Washington Golf swimmers win another title

For more than a decade now, the Lightning have continued to strike gold when it comes to winning-league championships. This summer, the Washington Golf & Country Club Lightning summer swimming team won the Country Club Swimming and Diving Association combined...

Lightning strike for yet another swim title

The end result was the same, but achieving another league swimming championship was a little harder this summer for Washington Golf & Country Club Lightning. Washington Golf of Arlington recently won its seventh straight A Division title of the Country...
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Let's take the wayback machine not too far back (to some of us) to this last month of 1984. The...
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