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Voter ‘dropboxes’ coming for primary, but maybe not right away

To paraphrase a former president: If you like your local election dropbox, you’ll get to keep it. But maybe not right away. Because of the vagaries of Virginia state law, it’s unlikely that Arlington election officials will be able to use...

Letter: More people voting is not a bad thing

Editor: I disagree with your March 26 editorial , opposing Virginia’s new requirement that all towns and cities hold elections in November. As you readily admit, this new rule will increase voter turnout. In a representative democracy, making it more...

Do Arlington voting precincts really need names?

Given the renaming-mania that is sweeping the locality these days, might it not be easier for the Arlington Electoral Board to simply eliminate all names of the county’s 54 voting precincts, and instead identify them solely by their numbers? That...

Arlington Electoral Board OKs early-voting plan for primary

Members of the Arlington Electoral Board on March 25 approved plans for two satellite-early-voting centers to be used in the runup to the June 8 Democratic primary. Walter Reed and Madison community centers previously had been designated as the locations...

Instant-runoff voting likely on hold for 2021

Technical, legal and financial complexities likely will mean any start to “instant-runoff” County Board voting in Arlington will be pushed back to 2022 at the soonest. “It’s not practical for this year. The earliest this could possibly be used is...
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Memoirist goes back to his roots with Icelandic tales

Icelanders prize boldness, adventure and self-improvement through working in faraway lands. They call timid souls who never stray far...
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