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Monday, December 5, 2022

Virginia Supreme Court

Historical Society to zero in on centennial of key court ruling

The Arlington County government had high hopes of spending 2020 celebrating the 100th anniversary of the renaming of the community from its previous “Alexandria County.” COVID had other ideas, however, and the events surrounding the centennial were downscaled, delayed...

Editorial: Redistricting process gets the job done

It was more than a little like the sausage-making process – inquire too intently and you’re sure to lose your appetite – but in the end, the new procedure for redistricting congressional and legislative seats across the Old Dominion...

Editor’s Notebook: Don’t make people hysterical and then complain about them

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association was out with a press release yesterday pleading with the public not to run to emergency rooms if they are not facing severe COVID symptoms or other major health emergencies. “Most individuals who contract...

New House of Delegates districts leave open seat locally

Arlington’s reconfigured districts in the House of Delegates will be as easy to remember as 1-2-3. Literally, 1-2-3. Those are the new numbers of three districts (down from the present four) that will include portions of Arlington in the lower house...
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Editor’s Notebook: Leave in the sex and violence; kids can handle it

Let's take the wayback machine not too far back (to some of us) to this last month of 1984. The...
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