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Friday, December 2, 2022

TV news

Editor’s Notebook: Another local-news biggie reaches the Pearly Gates

One has to have been a resident of the, cough, dee-emm-veeeee long enough that one would not be caught dead calling it the dee-emm-veeeee to remember the glory days of local TV-news. And one of those who had a place...

Editor’s Notebook: Another local-media biggie off to retirement

Last week brought to a close the weathercasting career of Sue Palka at Channel 5 (WTTG), another in the ever-thinning herd of local-media folks whose tenure goes back to the glory days of D.C. TV news. Count me a fan...
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‘Old School’ column: Carded!

Anyone, who knows me well, knows that I love greeting cards. I send them for all holidays, birthdays, illnesses,...
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