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tree canopy

Vienna officials mull ways to up town’s tree canopy

Development and other factors have reduced the town of Vienna’s tree canopy by 13 percent since 2011, according to a recent report, and Vienna officials are looking for ways to boost the amount of environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing greenery...

Data: Region falling short in tree-canopy efforts

Looking at the skinny elm sapling reaching for the sky in his backyard, James Bryant said that he hopes he lives long enough to be able to sit under its canopy and read a book in summer.

Natural-resource plan asks for full accounting of tree canopy

A more regularized accounting of the number, health and maintenance of Arlington’s trees and its canopy is one recommendation of the county government’s draft Forestry and Natural Resources Plan, currently out for public review. The 101-page document was released Aug....

Effort launched for broad-based tree-planting project

EcoAction Arlington on May 19 announced the launch of a “Tree Canopy Equity Program,” designed to provide a better distribution of natural resources across the community. The goal is to “radically increase” tree-planting in neighborhoods with the lowest tree cover....

Civic Federation preps for tree-preservation forum

The Arlington County Civic Federation’s environmental-affairs committee will host a meeting on tree canopy on Saturday, May 7 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Arlington Mill Community Center. “We want to move toward a new vision of what Arlington’s...

Letter: Plan to delay tree study makes no sense

Editor: In response to “New Tree Study May Be on Horizon . . . Eventually” , two points should be made. First, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, director of University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory and an expert in tree-canopy analysis, concluded in...

Tree-canopy initiative dies in legislature

A measure calling for greater involvement by the state government in supporting tree canopies in urban and suburban parts of the commonwealth died in committee. The measure, patroned by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington), would have directed the Virginia Department of...

Commentary: Arlington must do more to stem tree loss

or many years, with the Arlington Tree Action Group (ATAG) and others, the Arlington County Board has cited by-right construction rules and limits on local power by state law regarding residential construction and tree loss.

Vienna to hire consultant for tree-canopy analysis

Vienna is undergoing “significant” losses of mature trees because of the 100-plus new homes being built each year, said town officials, who desire more accurate information about the town’s tree canopy and how it has changed over time. The Vienna...
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