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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Standards of Learning

APS aims to boost achievement one student at a time

Arlington Public Schools’ seemingly intractable challenge in breaking the sometimes massive difference in the rates of academic success will focus, this school year, on making improvements one student at a time. “We have a persistent achievement gap. We’ve got to...

SOL scores up but still lagging pre-COVID levels

Academic achievement among Virginia students continues to be impacted by the residue of COVID lockdowns, and achievement gaps that long pre-date the pandemic are still in evidence, state officials said in releasing results from Standards of Learning exams and...

Editorial: SOL scores expose the tragedy of a lost year

Virginia Department of Education officials were out with 2020-21 Standards of Learning (SOLs) results last week. It was not a pretty picture. Particularly in science and math, pass rates among Virginia students cratered, sometimes as much as 30 points. In...

SOL scores crater after year of ‘Zoom school’

The data tell the tale: Public-school students in the local area and across the commonwealth suffered academically as a result of the School Board-mandated pandemic lockdowns that kept many of them behind computer screens in “Zoom school” for much...
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Latest News

GOP rank-and-file split on County Board endorsement

Their party has no candidates for County Board and School Board, and the rank-and-file of the Arlington County Republican...
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