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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

school buses

Delegates ditch proposal mandating seat belts on school buses

Different year, same result with efforts by some in the General Assembly to require seat belts on school buses. A measure by Del. Paul Krizek (D-Alexandria) would have mandated that all new public-school business purchased in the commonwealth be equipped...

Bill would allow driver-recruitment ads on school buses

A measure being patroned by a freshman legislator would allow local school districts to advertise the hiring of bus drivers on the buses themselves. The measure – HB 452 – was introduced by Del. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (D-Alexandria-Arlington-Fairfax). It would allow...

Measure would mandate seat belts on Va. school buses

It’s a battle that is fought out nearly every session in the General Assembly – should school buses have seat belts? In general, school systems have said no; they contend that buses are intrinsically safe and there is a larger...
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Newly selected economic-development czar is a neighbor

It’s another national search that ended up with a new department head coming from very close to home. Arlington County...
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