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Friday, September 30, 2022

Realtor Q&A

Realtor Q&A: Remembering that first million-dollar sale

Million-dollar home sales are now the norm in many areas of Northern Virginia, but that always wasn’t the case. For this quarterly real-estate guide, the Sun Gazette asked some of the region’s top real-estate professionals to remember back to their...

Realtor Q&A: How to deal with challenging clients

How do local real-estate professionals deal with clients who prove to be challenges? We asked some top industry professionals for their feedback: Mark Middendorf, Long & Foster: “If you think a specific property is the right one for your buyer,...

Realtor Q&A: How is professional evolving?

Local Realtors agree the overall market has changed in various ways over the years, and some were asked by the Sun Gazette what skill sets are helpful today that were unnecessary a decade or so ago.Here are their answers. Natalie...

Q&A: How are agents faring in blazing real-estate market?

The wild ride that is the Northern Virginia real-estate market has been, in some ways, wilder than usual, starting with the pandemic’s initial impact and then the subsequent market boom. Does that translate into more challenges for those in the...

Realtor Q&A: How high can local home prices go?

Home values keep on rising in Northern Virginia, but nothing lasts forever. The Sun Gazette checked in with some top local real-estate professionals to get their take on when, or if, the region might hit an upper limit.Here are...
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Legal and Public Notices for September 29, 2022

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