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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II

Editor’s Notebook: A mad dash to Buckingham Palace

Yours truly has no direct tales to tell regarding the late Queen Elizabeth II, but there is one in my arsenal relating to her London home. Two decades ago, yours truly and a Sun Gazette colleague were on a (there's...

Editor’s Notebook: Happy stinkin’ Bicentennial!

The recent news that Arlington homeowners were seeing their garbage piling up because of staffing shortages and other woes with the contractor used by the county government brings two things to mind. First, the old saying, which I may have...

Editor’s Notebook: The need for speed (WWII) edition

A week or so back, I noted that, in a Sun Gazette local-history item from the late 1970s, it was recorded that Virginians were the most likely, among residents of the 50 states, to adhere to the 55-mph speed...
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Latest News

Weather concerns nix weekend’s MPAartfest

McLean Project for the Arts has announced cancellation of its Oct. 2 MPAartfest due to pending weather issues. "The decision...
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