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Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Editorial: Trying to spin mediocrity into excellence

Let’s say you’re a high-school senior and decide to apply to a high-quality institution of higher education. To pick one at random (or perhaps not), let’s say it’s the University of Mary Washington. Very high-quality, indeed. And let’s say in...

Editor’s Notebook: It’s all how you spin it

I wonder if, back in the day when Li'l Scotty really was Li'l Scotty, if he could have pulled off this scene with his parents: "Hey, mom and dad, here's my report card. You'll see that 40 percent of my...

Letter: Unions bear share of responsibility for education mess

Editor: John Reeder noted the importance of “on-the-job respect and good treatment” in keeping teachers from being “stressed” and leaving their jobs. . But teachers face classroom disruptions and disrespect due to misguided policies backed by the leaders of some...

Letter: Youngkin, right-wing GOP to blame for teacher woes

Editor: Your recent editorial included a cheap attack on teacher unions and failed to mention the guilty culprit – Gov. Youngkin and right-wing Republican attacks on teachers and public schools that are dire and harmful. Teacher unions exist to...
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Legal and Public Notices for September 29, 2022

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