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Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Editorial: Will Calif. voters send wake-up call to N.Va. prosecutors?

As if channeling their inner flight attendant, voters of San Francisco earlier this month said “buh-bye” to radical district attorney Chesa Boudin in a lopsided recall vote, after having earlier ousted some of the nuttier members of that city’s...

Editor’s Notebook: This could get interesting in a hurry

As the days tick down until he assumes office, Virginia Attorney General (in waiting) Jason Miyares is sending public signals that he's relishing the possibility of a fight, or many, with certain left-leaning prosecutors, particularly those up here in...

Letter: Policies of leftist prosecutors help spur violent crime

Editor: In a Dec. 2 editorial, the Sun Gazette said that left-leaning prosecutors’ release of dangerous criminals who “ought to be behind bars” could result in future Democratic election losses. That’s true, unless the public swallows the false claim made...
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Vienna Post 180 team selects its 2022 MVP

As a result of his all-around versatile and productive performance, Bannon Brazell was chosen as Vienna Post 180’s Most...
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