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Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Editor’s Notebook: What happened to Tim Kaine’s mojo?

A University of Mary Washington political poll of last week attempted to divine how a possible – albeit very unlikely, in my guesstimation – 2024 U.S. Senate matchup between incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine and newbie Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin...

Editor’s Notebook: It’s all how you spin it

I wonder if, back in the day when Li'l Scotty really was Li'l Scotty, if he could have pulled off this scene with his parents: "Hey, mom and dad, here's my report card. You'll see that 40 percent of my...

Youngkin performance trumps Biden in new Va. poll

Virginia’s new governor is getting better reviews than the nation’s new(ish) president, according to a new statewide poll, but views continue to be filtered through a heavily partisan lens in these heavily partisan times. Almost two months into his term...

Editor’s Notebook: Time for an inspirational story

Yesterday’s travels took me to the Arlington Optimist Club and a presentation by Sonia Johnston – Arlington regional president of John Marshall Bank – and her niece Monique Tho, presenting an overview of the Tho family’s quest in the...
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Q&A: Creative team details new work focused on women’s struggles

Theatre on the Run in Arlington from Oct. 14-23 will host “Unprotected,” a modern-day drama about the struggles women...
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