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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pathways Homes

Art exhibition offers varied, provocative works

Residents of Pathway Homes Inc. are showcasing and selling their artworks, poetry and crafts in the ninth annual Summer of the Arts Exhibit, now on display in Vienna. The Vienna Arts Society (VAS) is exhibiting the works through July 29...

Art festival to benefit those with mental-health challenges

Pathways Homes is hosting its 10th annual Summer of the Arts exhibition in both in-studio and online formats. The annual event showcases the art, poetry and crafts of Pathways’ residents with mental-health challenges. “Art and creativity are an integral part of...
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Latest News

Weather concerns nix weekend’s MPAartfest

McLean Project for the Arts has announced cancellation of its Oct. 2 MPAartfest due to pending weather issues. "The decision...
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