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Thursday, December 1, 2022


Local novelist trains lens on Hanafi siege in D.C.

If you were sentient and living in the Washington region – long before anyone would stoop to calling it the, ugh, “DMV” – in the late 1970s, it’s an incident that remains seared into the area’s collective consciousness. In early...

New novel takes crack at coming-of-age tale

William Mark Habeeb has written plenty of non-fiction works in his career, but more than a decade ago he decided to stretch his personal boundaries and try writing a novel. “I kind of wanted to see if I could do...

Novelist to discuss, sign political-history work

Author Bill Lewers will discuss his new novel – “Eighteen Days in New York,” the story of the 1924 Democratic convention and its deadlock that resulted in a record 103 ballots before nominating a presidential candidate – on Tuesday,...

Novelist zeroes in on wild ride that was 1924 convention

McLean author Bill Lewers long has been fascinated by the political process and his latest novel, “Eighteen Days in New York,” examines one of the wildest examples in U.S. history: the 1924 Democratic National Convention in New York City. The...
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Editor’s Notebook: Crazy days in the battle to end segregation

Perhaps no surprise here: The year 1961 featured some big battles on the school-integration front, both locally and at...
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