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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Northern Virginia real estate

A billion-dollar month for Fairfax real estate

Total sales of residential real estate in Fairfax County tiptoed past the billion-dollar mark in March, a rarity for so early in the year but the product of increasing sales and higher prices. With 1,493 properties going to closing last...

Despite higher inventory, Arlington home sales still in stratosphere

You’d think a glut of homes coming onto the market would cool the hot Arlington real-estate environment. But you’d be wrong. Current inventory is about double what it was a year ago, and when adjusted for population is about three...

Editor’s Notebook: How high can real-estate market fly?

As part of our spring real estate guides coming out this week, we checked in with a good number of top real-estate pros to get their take on the current state of the market. Specifically, the question was: How much...

Forecast: Sunny for N.Va. real-estate market in 2021

More sales and ever-upwardly spiraling prices are expected to continue throughout 2021 in the Northern Virginia real-estate market, despite a number of potential headwinds. The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR) and the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason...

Editor’s Notebook: He seems to be toning it down a bit

Yours truly is on a lot of campaign/candidate/elected official email lists – it comes with the territory – and the post-presidency Trump people are making sure that I get the former president’s thoughts. Seems like there has been a switch...
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Memoirist goes back to his roots with Icelandic tales

Icelanders prize boldness, adventure and self-improvement through working in faraway lands. They call timid souls who never stray far...
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