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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Neighborhood Conservation

Editor’s Notebook: Another word considered too vulgar for A-town use

Back in the days of the Journal Newspapers (R.I.P.) we had a young reporter who, among his multiple talents, was able to, despite being a little too young to have lived through the glory days of George Carlin, repeat,...

Neighborhood program gets a new name

Arlington’s longstanding Neighborhood Conservation Program has a new name. The county government has opted to change it to “Arlington Neighborhoods Program,” removing the word “conservation” which, according to the county government’s reckoning, “often evokes a negative connotation and suggests exclusivity.” In...

Arlington Forest residents voice concerns about parking, upzoning

Residents of the Arlington Forest community fear increasing encroachment on their available parking, and want county leaders to live up to their promises in protecting single-family zoning from willy-nilly modification. Those are among the takeaways as the community’s updated Neighborhood...
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Latest News

New book looks at integration of N.Va. libraries

Patrons of Northern Virginia’s libraries take access to them for granted, but many of the facilities were for whites...
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