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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Myrtle Beach Sun News

Editor’s Notebook: Demise of a once-mighty daily

I teased this last week, and as promised, sports editor Dave Facinoli did bring back some editions of my old employer, the Myrtle Beach Sun News, from a vacation to South Carolina. My prediction that the paper would be a...

Editor’s Notebook: Everybody into the pool!

By the end of today, if all goes as planned, my longer-than-expected (thanks, supply-chain issues and local real-estate market crapping out on me!), 8.5-month renovation-cum-sale of the Shirlington condo that has been my abode for the past two decades...

Editor’s Notebook: Life is a beach (for some on staff)

Do you remember back in old L.A., when everybody drove a Chevrolet? Whatever happened to the boy next door -- the suntanned, crew-cut, All-American male? Who's with me in remembering those lyrics from the early-1970s his "Beach Baby" by the...

Editor’s Notebook: The news-media credibility gap (1990s-style)

Of the many things coming out of my closets in preparation for a home sale, out popped a special edition of the Myrtle Beach Sun News newspaper from back in September 1995. Li'l Scotty was one of four members of...
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New School Board member receives liaison assignments

New Arlington School Board member Bethany Sutton has her assignments. School Board members on Feb. 2 are expected to approve...
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