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Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Data: Virginians love their milkshakes with peppermint flair

This is a tale we’re going to milk for all it’s worth. A new survey suggests that Virginia residents have a clear preference for their milkshakes. Chocolate? Nope. Vanilla? Negative. Strawberry? Sorry, Charlie. According to a statistical analysis of Google search data,...

Editor’s Notebook: Va.’s favorite milkshake flavor is … uh, what?

Sometimes a press release comes over the transom that wouldn't necessarily get much attention during busier times of year. But in summertime, when news occasionally calms down, it's the type of thing we're going to milk for all its...
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New book looks at integration of N.Va. libraries

Patrons of Northern Virginia’s libraries take access to them for granted, but many of the facilities were for whites...
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