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Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Editorial: We’ll take the advertising, but not the subsidies

A local-media outlet that shall go unnamed recently had an editorial that, kinda-sorta but without quite saying so out loud, asked its local government to use leftover federal COVID cash to bail it out. Some local media, the editorial noted,...

Editor’s Notebook: Count on the media to hop on a sinking ship

From the McCaffrey Southern Command Center in Florida, it looks like most of the major daily newspapers (OK, putting "major" and "daily newspapers" in the same sentence these days is stretching it …) left in the Sunshine State are...

Editor’s Notebook: Doesn’t take much to make me happy

Wednesday's toodlings took me over to the Exxon at the corner of Columbia Pike and South Glebe Road, where for several decades now my various cars have had their inspections. Phew: Even though the current chariot has passed the 9-year...

Editor’s Notebook: Bye, bye, Miss American Pie

Welcome to the new economy: In the 30 days of September, my rainy-day fund tucked away in a Discover Bank online savings account gained roughly $70 (that 0.4-percent annual interest split across 12 months really, cough, adds up, doesn't...
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New book looks at integration of N.Va. libraries

Patrons of Northern Virginia’s libraries take access to them for granted, but many of the facilities were for whites...
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