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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Matthew Hurtt

Local GOP communications czar brings message to Poland

Where in the world is Arlington County Republican Committee communications chair Matthew Hurtt? In the early part of June, he was in Warsaw (Poland), part of a group from the Arlington-based Leadership Institute providing training to dozens of young conservatives...

GOP still has long climb back to relevancy in county

Arlington Republicans who celebrated political success at the state level on Nov. 2 still have to contend with the results of a local campaign that saw the party either field no candidates for races, or have those who did...

Committee of 100 preps post-election dissection

Win, lose or draw – and good lord, please don’t let it be a draw – the Arlington Committee of 100 will look at the results and impact of the 2021 statewide and local political races at its November...

GOP leader questions legitimacy of Democratic caucus

A key leader of the Arlington County Republican Committee last week mused publicly whether the powers-that-be of the Arlington County Democratic Committee put their thumbs on the scale to help a School Board candidate across the finish line. The Democratic...
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Q&A: Creative team details new work focused on women’s struggles

Theatre on the Run in Arlington from Oct. 14-23 will host “Unprotected,” a modern-day drama about the struggles women...
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