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Tuesday, November 29, 2022


COVID-lockdown fallout: Not all students keeping up in math

While many Arlington Public Schools middle-school students have bounced back from the COVID-lockdown learning slump, others are still feeling the effect of nearly a full school year out of the classroom. The school system needs to “make sure we keep...

Editor’s Notebook: An example of Virginia’s ‘new math’?

With the Northam administration seemingly hell-bent, before the governor hits the road next January, on completely dumbing down public education – “equity” apparently meaning to them that all kids have to come out of high school as ignoramuses –...

Letter: Dumbing down math curriculum is shameful

Editor: As a resident of Fairfax County for more than 40 years, and a professional whose entire career has focused on workers building skills for the future, I am sad to see decision-makers in our county dumbing down the...

School Board candidates have concerns about Va. math proposals

With the Virginia Department of Education under attack – fairly or unfairly – for what critics say is an attempt to dumb down math instruction across the commonwealth, the two candidates for the Democratic endorsement for Arlington School Board...
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Newly selected economic-development czar is a neighbor

It’s another national search that ended up with a new department head coming from very close to home. Arlington County...
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