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lot coverage

Proposed lot-coverage changes find little Vienna consensus

Proposals to loosen lot-coverage requirements and allow for more outdoor amenities in Vienna have the support of some residents and builders, but some Vienna Planning Commission members remain skeptical. After more than two hours’ worth of staff presentations, public testimony...

County leaders called on to change lot-coverage loophole

Arlington County Board members say they will take under advisement concerns that a quirk – critics call it a loophole – in the local zoning ordinance encourages developers to clear-cut certain lots to maximize the footprint of new construction...

Letter: Fixing zoning loophole would be a win for community

Editor: We could save a lot of trees in Arlington if our county government would just close a zoning loophole. Arlington’s zoning code (ZOCO) currently requires owners of residential property to cap the percentage of their lot that gets covered...

Vienna Council sees no consensus on lot-coverage update

Vienna officials for decades have limited lot coverage in residential areas to 25 percent in order to prevent overbuilding, reduce flooding and preserve the community’s small-town feel. But some residents, builders and Town Council members advocated Sept. 27 to loosen...
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Police: Manassas man charged in Vienna break-in

A resident living in the 1000 block of Country Club Drive, N.E., told Vienna police on Nov. 30 at...
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