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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

John Warner

Editor’s Notebook: Winning friends, influencing people. Or not.

The late and on many days great Arlington fiscal hawk Tim Wise used to call it "Arlogance," his moniker for that snide, smug haughtiness that at times could be found emanating from the County Board dais. Not today, of course....

Editor’s Notebook: Whipping it out (of the archives, that is)

Just 28 days to go until all our, um, "stuff" needs to be out of the current Sun Gazette office and across the street to the new one. So we are starting that tough process of what needs to...

In Senate races, John Warner went 3-for-5 with Arlington electorate

John Warner, the five-term Republican U.S. senator from Virginia who died May 21 at age 94, won the Arlington vote three times – 1984, 1990 and 2002 – but fell short twice. In 1978, Warner was defeated in Arlington by...

Editor’s Notebook: A John Warner retrospective

The death of U.S. Sen. John Warner last week at age 94 brought back a number of things to share: • Taking the way-back machine to the mid-1980s, I remember a group of classes from my ol’ Herndon High busing...
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New School Board member receives liaison assignments

New Arlington School Board member Bethany Sutton has her assignments. School Board members on Feb. 2 are expected to approve...
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