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Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Editor’s Notebook: Homeowners about to get hammered

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors acknowledged it – tacitly – a couple of weeks ago, and this past Saturday, equally tacitly, the Arlington County Board did the same. Homeowners can expected to get hammered at tax time in 2023....

Editorial: Fairfax budget it proposal sticks it to homeowners (again)

The proposed fiscal 2023 Fairfax County government budget outlined by County Executive Bryan Hill last week was another clear indication the preservation of a vibrant, home-owning middle class is not necessarily up there at the top of the county...

Homeowners likely to face brunt of higher tax bills

Arlington homeowners will pick up an increasing percentage of the county government’s $1.4 billion budget tab over the coming year, as home-value assessments saw another significant increase while assessments on the commercial side were flat. The end result? Unless Arlington...
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New School Board member receives liaison assignments

New Arlington School Board member Bethany Sutton has her assignments. School Board members on Feb. 2 are expected to approve...
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