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Saturday, January 28, 2023


Data: Southside hottest Va. homes market; N.Va. in middle of pack

By one measure, Virginia’s hottest real-estate markets can be found way downstate. Its coolest markets are down there, too. As for Northern Virginia? By this measure, all the localities in the region are somewhere in the middle. Not too hot, not...

In sellers’ market, buyers sometimes have to get creative

Cash is, and probably always will be, king when it comes to moving your offer for a home to the top of the list. But there are some other strategies, as well. In a survey of Zillow Premier Agents, more than...

Survey: Gen X most savvy about home-buying credit issues

Of all the various age groups in the country – from the Baby Boomers and their predecessors to “Gen Z” up-and-comers – it turns out that “Generation X” has the most insight as to how credit scores impact one’s...

Millennials changing face of home-buying experience

Compared to generations that came before, Millennials could change the way Americans shop for and buy houses. A new survey finds many Millennials (roughly ages 27 to 41) are comfortable purchasing their biggest financial asset online. A total of 39 percent...
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Police: Carjackers take vehicle, abandon it in PG County

On Jan. 25 at 8:05 p.m., a man was inside his parked vehicle in the 2200 block of Crystal...
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