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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Habitat for Humanity

Editor’s Notebook: Channeling John McLaughlin: ‘Wrong!’

Hard to believe I’m going to kick up an online contretemps with Habitat for Humanity – what kind of sicko gets into verbal fisticuffs with beloved Habitat for Humanity?? – but here we are. I wish to quibble with one...

Habitat for Humanity backs Missing Middle proposal

Count Habitat for Humanity on board with the Arlington government’s Missing Middle housing proposal. The proposed zoning change “is not the answer to the affordability crisis, but it is one answer, that the county could and should implement,” John...
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Latest News

Weather concerns nix weekend’s MPAartfest

McLean Project for the Arts has announced cancellation of its Oct. 2 MPAartfest due to pending weather issues. "The decision...
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