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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Greater Merrifield Business Association

Delegate: Democrats maintained some momentum in Richmond this session

Democrats’ free rein in state government and the General Assembly ended with last November’s election results, but legislators of his party this year still made headway on some important issues, said Del. Marcus Simon (D-McLean). 2021 was not a good...

Supervisors laud civic leaders for decades of service

Fairfax County supervisors on July 27 honored former Greater Merrifield Business Association (GMBA) president Billy Thompson for his decades of community service. Thompson joined GMBA in 1995 and served as its president for seven years. Supervisors credited him with providing...
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Latest News

New book looks at integration of N.Va. libraries

Patrons of Northern Virginia’s libraries take access to them for granted, but many of the facilities were for whites...
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