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Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Editor’s Notebook: Tooting our horn (because who else will?)

A little self-congratulations are in order here at Sun Gazette World Headquarters, where earlier in the week we passed the mark of 5,000 news/sports/commentary items (all local!) on our newish Website. It took about 13.5 months to reach that milestone,...

Retiring to Florida? Survey picks the best spots

With Florida recently ranked by WalletHub as the best state to retire, and a cheap cost of living being important for retirees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the personal-finance Website WalletHub released its report identifying 2021’s Best...

Editor’s Notebook: The Republican Democrats need to fear the most

Anybody who’s paying attention knows Joe Biden won’t be running for re-election. Heck, even Joe Biden, on the days he’s more compos mentis than others, probably has figured it out. One and done. Regardless, the White House sure does love...
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Trio joins El Salvador men’s soccer team

Three former players with the Arlington Soccer Association recently have been called up to the El Salvador men’s national...
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