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Chesapeake effort not meeting goals; now what?

With its 2025 deadline a little more than three years away, environmental leaders are publicly acknowledging what’s been increasingly obvious for years – that the Chesapeake Bay region will for the third time miss a self-imposed cleanup deadline.

‘Virtual’ open house solicits feedback on natural-resources plan

The Arlington County government will host an online open house focused on its draft Forestry and Natural Resources Plan on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. The plan is being developed as a sub-element of the county government’s Public Spaces...

Commentary: Oysters not panacea for overall Bay health

Many years ago, marine biologist Roger Newell of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies, now a professor emeritus, approximated that a single oyster could filter 50 gallons of water per day (gpd) under ideal conditions and oysters could have once (pre-1870s) filtered the Bay’s entire volume every three days.

Sierra Club gives Fairfax legislators generally good grades

All seven local General Assembly members fared well in the Sierra Club Virginia chapter’s recently released “Climate, Energy and Justice Scorecard 2022,” with three earning perfect scores. The organization ranked state senators on how they voted on 15 bills concerning...

Grant will help to monitor water quality at local park

Fairfax Water recently awarded Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends a $1,437 grant in support of the organization’s water-quality-monitoring program. The effort will include Walney Pond, along with the streams and creeks passing through Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. This grant will...

50 years later, impact of Agnes still felt in Chesapeake Bay

A half-century ago, a former hurricane (downgraded to a tropical storm) named Agnes detonated a water bomb over the Mid-Atlantic. Over a handful days in June 1972, relentless rain triggered record-breaking floods.

Tree boosters sought for accolades in Fairfax

The Fairfax County Tree Commission is soliciting nominations for the 2022 “Friends of Trees Award,” with a deadline of July 31. The annual awards are given to individuals and organizations for demonstrating outstanding conservation-based actions in preserving, protecting or planting...

‘Dead zone’ again lower than average in Chesapeake Bay

Researchers from the Chesapeake Bay Program, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, University of Michigan and U.S. Geological Survey are predicting this summer’s “dead zone” in the Bay to be smaller than the long-term average taken between...

Letter: Effort needed to expand electric-vehicle numbers immediately

Editor: As prices at the pump spike due to the actions of bad oil actors like Russia, America is re-learning an all too familiar lesson. Every gallon of oil used to fuel our transportation sector moves the U.S. one...

Abandoned boats posing increasing environmental hazard

Whether lurking as hazards beneath the water’s surface or becoming eyesores as they drift ashore, abandoned boats are a growing problem in Chesapeake Bay waters – especially in Virginia.
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