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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Commentary: Funding needed for after-school, enrichment programs

When COVID-19 caused school leaders to close schools across Virginia more than a year ago, after-school and summer-enrichment programs didn’t skip a beat.

Commentary: Arlington effort on policing fell short

Despite the Arlington County Board’s recent adoption of a Community Oversight Board (COB) for the police department, we are disappointed that the County Board refused to adopt the General Assembly-approved authority for the body to be truly independent and make binding disciplinary actions.

Commentary: Feds need to embrace adoption of lab animals

Earlier this year, the Virginia legislature passed a law requiring that cats and dogs no longer needed in research laboratories be offered for adoption into loving homes. Virginia joins 11 other states that have this humane policy on the books.

Commentary: Youth should not serve as corporate billboards

In the 1980s, marketers spent about $100 million on television advertising targeted at children. Today, that figure has increased by at least 150 times across the variety of mediums available for advertisers to target children.

Commentary: Lopez is serving working Virginians well

Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-49th) has an incredibly strong record delivering results for working families.

Commentary: Move forward in support of DREAMers

Joussell Lopez shares a lived experience with millions of immigrants in the U.S. who have found roadblocks instead of green lights.

New batch of letters to editor posted!

Sun Gazette readers are never shy about voicing their opinions, and we love letters to the editor. A new batch has been posted online today; you can find them by going to Arlington or Fairfax on the top bar...

Commentary: Why not a day to salute vice presidents?

As birth month to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, February exhibited the least number of days and greatest number of great presidents. This correlation of presidential preeminence and birthdate makes one wonder what William Henry Harrison (born Feb. 9) might have achieved had his presidency not ended more abruptly than John Paul I’s pontificate.

Commentary: Stadiums are busy again

With the condensed and delayed fall outdoor high-school sports season finally beginning last week with outside football and field hockey games, stadiums and stands won’t be empty of fans any longer. A lucky few will be permitted to watch...
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Letter: Del. Simon lives his values, aids his community

Editor: In your Oct. 21 Fairfax legislative-races endorsements, you claim that the Del. Marcus Simon (D-53rd) is “disconnected from...
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