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Commentary: Arlington needs to support communications network

Increasingly, most people rely on their smartphones for daily communication and Internet access. Mobile-network operators report traffic grew 40 percent between 2021 and 2022.

Commentary: Pescatarian diets hold many advantages

Pescatarian diets received a bump in visibility during October, when restaurants, food producers and seafood enthusiasts around the country celebrated National Pescatarian Month.

Commentary: Support needed to help older residents stay in homes

Northern Virginia faces a widespread housing problem that few seem to recognize.

Commentary: Vienna needs to update thinking on light pollution

As the Vienna town government begins the process of updating its town codes and ordinances, last written in 1969, outdoor lighting is on the agenda.

Commentary: Parents need to instill values into youth

One late April night, I was leaving a high-school baseball game with my friends when a car drove up filled with people.

Commentary: Oysters not panacea for overall Bay health

Many years ago, marine biologist Roger Newell of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies, now a professor emeritus, approximated that a single oyster could filter 50 gallons of water per day (gpd) under ideal conditions and oysters could have once (pre-1870s) filtered the Bay’s entire volume every three days.

Commentary: I-66 growth no benefit to humans or nature

e bedraggled old skunk lumbered past me as I was loading my dogs into the car. He showed no interest in the lone human and three elderly canines in his path. He was on a mission. He followed the concrete curb with his nose until he reached the culvert under the street, and disappeared into its depths.

Commentary: Students need community support now more than ever

As students return to the classroom, the lingering impact of the pandemic and lost learning opportunities remain.

Commentary: Education key in supporting youth with food allergies

As summer winds down, I begin to think about the transition back into the classroom.

Commentary: Va. visitors deserve a quicker welcome (center)

nd I were driving south on Virginia’s Interstate 395 from D.C. and planning to stop at some nice place to rest right off the highway before continuing on with our long road trip to Florida.
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