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Friday, October 7, 2022


Editor’s Notebook: Live by the Don-Don, die by the Don-Don

To perhaps nobody’s surprise, the cable-news networks are taking it on the chin in the post-Trump era. Since the Don-Don’s departure from office in January, CNN in particular has taken a hit, with ratings in the dumperoo. Huzzah! (My disdain for...

Editor’s Notebook: He’s gone, time to move on

Falls Church News-Press editor/publisher Nick Benton last week had a column – “Our Moral Presidency, Part 1” – in which he continued has lambasting of Donald Trump while praising Joe Biden. Lordy, lordy, Donald Trump still has a hold on...
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Democrats aiming for consistent messaging on Missing Middle

Leaders of the Arlington County Democratic Committee appear concerned enough about the impact the Missing Middle housing debate could...
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