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Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Editor’s Notebook: And that’s a wrap, cicada-wise

Death is an ignominious experience for those who are taken in its cold embrace, and yesterday, while sitting in my car doing our Thursday “phoner” with the extended Sun Gazette corporate family across Virginia, Maine and Texas, I watched...

Editor’s Notebook: A diabetic raccoon is on the loose

A couple of days ago, a raccoon managed to get into the office building that houses Sun Gazette World Headquarters (likely from the roof) and then gnawed his (or her) way through the ceiling panels into the office of...

Great Falls nature program to welcome cicadas

The Great Falls Citizens Association’s Environment & Parks Committee invites the public to spend an educational and entertaining hour at Riverbend Park on May 22 learning more about the cicadas that have begun to emerge. For 17 years, the Brood...

Old-School column: All abuzz!

Soon, the hills will be alive with the sound of music, as Julie Andrews sang.

Letter: Cicadas play vital role in ecosystem

Editor: For the past year, there have been many ominous whispers of the Brood X cicadas coming. The message of the havoc wreaked on young trees and shrubs, and the month of constant shrill buzzing has sent home an...

Editor’s Notebook: Have some respect for the noisy little buggers

Letter-writer Isabel Ruff of Arlington notes, correctly in my view, that we in the local area should have some respect for the cicadas when they start emerging from the ground later this month. The noisy, love-starved bugs have a place...
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Vienna issues business licenses, notes anniversaries

The Vienna town government recently issued licenses to the following new businesses: Health Check PLLC (clinic), 305 Maple Ave., W.;...
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