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Friday, October 7, 2022

car tax

Arlington board getting heat over car-tax bills

It’s not just the office that values the vehicles (Arlington commissioner of revenue) or the office that sends out the tax notices (Arlington treasurer) that have been feeling the heat from the public over higher car-tax bills. County Board members...

Car-tax billing upgrades will save some trees

The Arlington County Treasurer’s Office will be sending out approximately 50,000 fewer car-tax bills this year, and for a many people, that will mean – hooray! – no tax is owed for the year. Arlington County Board members as part...

Tax-delinquency rate still at rock-bottom level

Over the past year, staff of the Arlington treasurer’s office has been tasked with collecting $997 million in taxes due on real estate and personal property (both vheicles and business property). To date, more than $995 million of it is...

Some Fairfax vehicle owners to see rising tax bills

Swimming against the tide of normal trends, car-tax bills for about 12 percent of Fairfax County residents will rise this year even as their vehicles continue to age. Why? Blame a confluence of reasons, including high demand for all vehicles...
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Democrats aiming for consistent messaging on Missing Middle

Leaders of the Arlington County Democratic Committee appear concerned enough about the impact the Missing Middle housing debate could...
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