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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bill Clinton

Editor’s Notebook: An idea that’s going nowhere

A new political group in Northern Virginia this week capitalized on the fact it’s a slow news time of year to get some play in the media on its proposal to recall the commonwealth’s attorneys of Arlington, Fairfax and...

Editor’s Notebook: That’s wayyyyyyy too much sanity for N.Va.

As I was taking my three-mile, midday, clear-the-head, pedestrian amble a day ago, I wandered past Foxes Music on Route 29 (soon to be renamed as “Bruce Lee Highway,” let’s hope).   For the 14-month duration of the recent health unpleasantness,...
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GOP rank-and-file split on County Board endorsement

Their party has no candidates for County Board and School Board, and the rank-and-file of the Arlington County Republican...
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