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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ballston-MU Metro station

More spending slated for Ballston Metro plaza upgrades

Unforeseen conditions encountered during construction are given as the rationale for a nearly $250,000 increase in the construction contract for “multi-modal improvements” at the Ballston-MU Metro station’s at-grade plaza. Arlington County Board members are slated to approve the change on...

Ballston Metro-station entrance in line for more funding

Additional financial support for Arlington County’s proposed west entrance to the Ballston-MU Metro station looks to be on the horizon. A recommendation from staff at the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission puts the request for an additional $4.5 million near the...

Arlington board to seek more regional cash for Metro entrance

Every little bit helps, and as the Arlington government attempts to cobble together the $140 million needed to support a construction of a second entrance to the Ballston-MU Metro station, it is again asking the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission...

Arlington tries again to secure funding for Metro entrance

Hope springs eternal for the Arlington government, which has submitted a formal request for $80 million in regional transportation funding to support creation of a second entrance to the Ballston-MU Metro station. The current round of funding requests by local...
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Legal and Public Notices for September 29, 2022

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