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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Anthony Fauci

Editor’s Notebook: Get a suntan even when the sun isn’t out

From the wayback machine, we peruse the pages of the Northern Virginia Sun from this week back in 1986. If residents of central Virginia were feeling something of a pre-summertime skin glow, there might be a reason, the paper reported. Fallout...

Editor’s Notebook: Finally, we get some company

For a while there, it looked like Ye Olde Sun Gazette was going to be the only institutional of repute (or perhaps “ill repute”) pressing the Arlington government to get libraries reopened with some semblance of urgency. It was a...
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New School Board member receives liaison assignments

New Arlington School Board member Bethany Sutton has her assignments. School Board members on Feb. 2 are expected to approve...
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