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ArlingtonSurvey says: GOP voters split on choice for County Board

Survey says: GOP voters split on choice for County Board

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The Arlington County Republican Committee has neither nominated a County Board candidate nor opted to endorse a contender from among those on the ballot this year.

But that doesn’t mean rank-and-file GOP members don’t have their own choices lined up.

A recent online poll conducted by the Republican committee garnered more than 100 replies, asking respondents which of four candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot they planned to vote in the County Board race.

“It’s not a scientific poll, but it does inform where we are as a committee and as Republicans in Arlington,” said Matthew Hurtt, the party’s communications director.


There was one consensus among respondents – Democratic incumbent Takis Karantonis, who was among the choices offered, received not a single vote. Zip, zero, nada.

Among the three independents hoping against hope of taking the job away from Karantonis, the response went:

• Michael Cantwell, 46.6 percent.
• Adam Theo, 44.7 percent.
• Audrey Clement, 8.7 percent.

Clement’s poor showing was interesting, given some (though hardly all) of her policy positions tend to align somewhat closely to that of local Republicans. But a number of those speaking on the topic at the Republican Committee’s Oct. 7 meeting suggested that her non-stop runs for political office over the past decade have caused many to tune out.

(This poll question was distinct from another one asking respondents which of the three independent candidates, if any, the Republican Committee should endorse in the race. In the end, the committee opted for no endorsement.)

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