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ArlingtonSurvey says: Arlington residential land among priciest in U.S.

Survey says: Arlington residential land among priciest in U.S.

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Looking to buy a parcel and build your dream home in Arlington? The county ranks as the 10th most expensive county in the nation for residential land prices, according to a new analysis.

Lawn Love looked at a number of variables to compile the list, which puts San Fransisco County, Calif., at the top – if you can find an acre of land in that community, you’ll pay, on average, $20.6 million for it.

For those who want to plunk down cash in San Francisco, consider that cost is just one issue.

“The San Francisco region is notorious for having strict building regulations, so you’ll definitely want to do a lot of research before committing,” Lawn Love analysis Sav Maive noted.

The average price of residential land grew by 6.8 percent from 2020 to 2021, higher than other types of land, and the momentum continues, according to the analysis.

Some places are still quite cheap; at the bottom of the ranking, price-wise, at #300 was Montgomery County, Ala.

But just as with San Francisco, there are other considerations, Maive noted.

“Relocating to a smaller, slower county comes at a cost,” she said. “Less-populated areas typically have fewer job opportunities, which may be one reason for the lower demand.”

Following San Francisco at the top of the list, price-wise, are two New York areas: Kings County (Brooklyn) and Hudson County. (You’re not going to find an acre of land for residential use anywhere in New York County, better known as Manhattan.)

Finishing up the top 10: Santa Clara County (Calif.); San Mateo County (Calif.), Queens County (N.Y.); the District of Columbia; Bronx County (N.Y.); Nassau County (N.Y.); and Arlington.

The next 10: Alameda County (Calif.); Orange County (Calif.); Suffolk County (Mass.); Richmond County (N.Y.); Essex County (N.J.); Union County (N.J.); Los Angeles County (Calif.); Honolulu County (Hawaii); Marin County (Calif.); and Bergen County (N.J.).

Following Alabama’s Montgomery County as the lowest costs are Madison County (Ala.), Horry County (S.C.); Mobile County (Ala.); Sussex County (Del.); Lexington County (S.C.); Spartanburg County (S.C.); Lafayette Parish (La.); Caddo Parish (La.); and Yavapai County (Ariz.).

Fairfax County ranked 75th most expensive in the report.
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For full details, see the Website at https://lawnlove.com/blog-counties-with-most-expensive-land/.

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