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Monday, December 5, 2022
ArlingtonSurvey on ranked-choice voting closes, moves back to Co. Board

Survey on ranked-choice voting closes, moves back to Co. Board

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An online survey of Arlington residents is now complete, moving the proposed change to ranked-choice voting for Arlington County Board elections back to the board itself.

The survey ran through late last week, attempting to gauge the public’s interest in moving from the winner-take-all format that has guided local elections for 90 years to a system where voters are able to rank their preferences in order, with low-performing candidates knocked out and having their votes reallocated as directed by their voters.

County Board members have for three years had the power to implement the change for County Board races, and have intimated that they will do so at the very least for next year’s County Board primary. Generally, Democrats use a primary rather than a caucus to select their nominees.

Any policy change would have to be preceded by a public hearing.

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