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ArlingtonOpinionSun Gazette editorial: Library plan too little, way too late

Sun Gazette editorial: Library plan too little, way too late

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If Arlington government officials are expecting us to shout “hallelujah!” and praise them to the hilt for their too-little, much-too-late library-system reopening, they should, by now, know us better than that. We come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him (with invective).

Under the plan, Shirlington and Westover libraries but no others are slated to reopen with limited hours in March, allow individuals in for no more than 15 minutes at a time before giving them the boot.

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It’s so restricted as to be preposterous.


We can point to hundreds of localities across the nation that have had libraries more or less fully reopened (with reasonable public-health precautions) since last summer. It can be done.

The library lockdown has been as big a farce as the shutdown of schools, and each is equally damaging to the most vulnerable among us: the young people. Yet our community’s leaders somehow think they are in the right.

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