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Friday, February 3, 2023
FairfaxOpinionSun Gazette editorial: Here comes collective bargaining!

Sun Gazette editorial: Here comes collective bargaining!

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Tucked away inside Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill’s proposed fiscal 2022 budget is this charming nugget: The county government, he said, will need $960,000 and six new staff positions for “upcoming collective-bargaining endeavors.”

Yep, it looks like the Fairfax County government will use the new power made available to it to let government workers formally unionize. And how great is that!

(For you public-school students out there who haven’t been in classrooms for a year, the phrase “how great is that” is called sarcasm. We’re sure those of you who frequently read Sun Gazette editorials have learned how to spot it.)

For decades, Virginia leaders of both parties adhered to the dictum laid down years before by Franklin Roosevelt, who believed (look it up) that little good comes of government employees unionizing. FDR couldn’t prevent it, but he did work to limit it at the federal level. Another reason the far left will be coming for him, too, eventually.


The state prohibition on collective bargaining was hardly a great sacrifice for workers in local governments across Northern Virginia; they have better pay and far more robust pensions than the majority of taxpayers who pay for it all.

But the arrival of a new breed of Democrat in the General Assembly, coupled with old-school Democrats who at this point are so scared of being voted out of office in party primaries that they’re going along with the lunacy, have decided Virginia needs to become New Jersey. (We love New Jersey; we just don’t want to pay the oppressive taxes the poor Garden State folks must endure.)

One presumes the roughly million dollars being sought is just to get the ball rolling; millions more will either be siphoned away from necessary programs, or siphoned out of taxpayer wallets, as this shebang gets ramped up.

Anybody think County Executive Hill and the Board of Supervisors are going to be any match for union organizers? Not a chance.

Meanwhile, over in the county school system, the two teacher unions have proved they don’t even need collective-bargaining power to hold the School Board, superintendent and community hostage to their whims and proclivities. Think things are going to be better when they gain real power? Quoting the prescient G. Gordon Liddy from his radio-talk-show days: “Ye suckers!”

The General Assembly isn’t mandating local governments permit collective bargaining; it’s more or less a local option. Outside of a few urban areas, we doubt most Virginia localities will take it up fully.

Why should they? Asking localities to approve employee unions is like, back in Roman days, asking the Christians to welcome the lions into the Colosseum.

Didn’t turn out so well. Except for the lions, of course.

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