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ArlingtonStinky water on the way as spring (pipe) cleaning arrives

Stinky water on the way as spring (pipe) cleaning arrives

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If things smell a little stinky in the shower or while making dinner in coming weeks, never fear – it’s nothing personal.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which supplies potable water to Arlington and some surrounding areas, spends about seven weeks each year switching its normal disinfectant (chloramine) to chlorine, part of an effort to keep pipes clean and maintain water flow.

The 2022 effort is slated to run from March 21 to May 16. In addition to Arlington, areas of the District of Columbia and northeastern Fairfax County will be affected.

Arlington officials say the switch can bring a “slightly noticeable smell and taste” to water, although anyone running a hot shower in an enclosed space might quibble with the “slightly noticeable” part.


Another reason for the stench? Water coming from the Washington Aqueduct gets a corrosion inhibitor during the period, part of the effort to reduce the potential release of lead in pipes.

Those annoyed by the smell or taste can use a filtration system, run the cold tap for about two minutes before using, or let water sit in a container for an hour or two to allow the chlorine smell and taste to dissipate, county officials said.

“Customers who take special precautions to remove chloramine from tap water during the rest of the year should continue such methods during the temporary switch to chlorine,” officials said. “As always, those with special concerns should consult their health-care provider.”

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