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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Yucky water

Sports Notebook: Yucky water

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If the annoying return of nasty winter weather the last few days isn’t reminder enough that spring hasn’t fully yet sprung, take a look at the yucky unfiltered and stagnant water still inside many outside neighborhood pools.

The water color is a dark, unpleasant lime-green in some cases, with plenty of black debris – leaves, sticks, pinecones and tree limbs – stuck to the bottom. Or some pools are empty of water altogether, as repairs are being made or white coating or paint is applied to the sides and bottom.

Also, bare pool decks are still void of chairs, chaises and umbrellas, instead still stacked under canopies or inside sheds or pool houses.

That’s all depressing, and a stark reality that there is still quite a ways to go before spring has fully sprung, as that appealing summertime light-blue colored pool water isn’t yet cleaned, filtered and not yet ready for openings on or around Memorial Day Weekend.


So don’t yet put the snow shovels away. March is done after Thursday. But April can still provide plenty of cold and nasty winter-like non-pool weather, as well, maybe even more snow.


– Dave Facinoli


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