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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Wind chill

Sports Notebook: Wind chill

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It can be like a game, really, counting the times during a wintertime T.V. forecast that a weathercaster repeatedly tells viewers what the wind chill is, or will be in upcoming hours.

Why are those numbers so important?

The actual temperature won’t be given much, if at all, but the wind chill is not only told to viewers, those numbers are posted on their weather boards much more often than the actual real temp.

For viewers, that’s very confusing. Learning the actual temperature during those forecasts can be difficult.


In one recent such forecast that lasted about 3 minutes, the wind chill was posted on the board or told to viewers a combined 13 times. The actual temps were told and posted just once each.

What’s the big deal with the wind chill obsession? It’s not the real temperature, which seems these days to be a big oversight in weather forecasts.

– Dave Facinoli


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