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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: Why so long?

Sports Notebook: Why so long?

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If there was anything good that came from COVID regarding high-school sports, it was the shorter halftimes of football games during the condensed and postponed 2020 season.

The halftimes of those contests were limited to 10 minutes, instead of the normal way-too-long 15 or 20, with teams meeting at separate ends of the field, not going inside of a school or lockerroom as often occurs.

Unfortunately this fall, high-school football halftimes are back to the usual way-to-long status. Plus, very often after the 15 or 20 minutes are ticked off, another three minutes are added so players can have proper time to warm up.

In addition, most officiating staffs take few measures to speed up any of the process. So the entire halftime lingers on and on – taking nearly a half hour.

That didn’t used to be the case. But now, the too-long halftimes just add to what are closer to three-hour high-school football games, which used to nearly always be played in two, including halftimes.

Why do halftimes have to be 15 minutes? Those same breaks in NFL contests are 12.

High-school halftimes should be 10 minutes total. That’s enough time to do everything needed during those breaks, that is if a coaching staff is well organized. Also, maybe teams shouldn’t leave the field area either. That would hurry the process as well.

When 10 minutes are up, the teams should be on the field ready to begin the second half, not just coming back onto the field .Of course for this to work, a much quicker halftime process has to be enforced, with delay-of-game penalties for multiple yardages flagged to the violators.

None of this likely will happen.

So high-school football halftimes and games will keep dragging on and on and on for way tooooooooo long.

– Dave Facinoli


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