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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: What season?

Sports Notebook: What season?

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The Major League baseball season has started, correct?

But then the National Hockey League regular season still has a couple of weeks remaining, and the playoffs in the National Basketball Association have just begun.

Then this weekend, the new – or is it old – eight-team professional United States Football League will resume when the regular season kicks off. Plus, aren’t pro soccer leagues playing and play in the Women’s National Basketball Association begins soon? Is there ever an end to soccer seasons?

So what season is it, really?


These days, it’s impossible to determine with so many professional leagues and sports overlapping in play. Heck, now the National Football League lasts until about March, with training camps for the next season beginning in July.

So Major League baseball has begun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s baseball season. Not with so many other sports going on or about to begin or never end.

– Dave Facinoli


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