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Sports NotebookSports Notebook: What is futsal?

Sports Notebook: What is futsal?

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What the heck is the sport of futsal? Ever heard of it?

Well, there is a team of girls in Arlington nicknamed the Squad, that plays the sport, kind of like soccer but with a smaller ball and on a smaller field or court, very well. The Squad recently finished second in their 2011 age group in a national tournament.

Here’s the definition of the sport:

“Futsal is a modified form of soccer for males and females. The matches typically are played on indoor courts with the dimensions smaller than a soccer field. The games have five players per side (one a goalie), with the ball being smaller and less bouncy than a soccer ball.”

With fewer players on the field, there is a lot more action, almost constant, for those playing. There is more scoring, as well. The Squad netted 13 goals in one of their national-tournament victories.

Players enjoy playing because there is more action, and no standing around, like sometimes can be the case, especially on the defensive end, in soccer.

Sounds fun. The Squad certainly thinks so.

– Dave Facinoli


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